Manages name service configuration for system databases such as passwd, group, etc. which on Linux and Solaris systems is in /etc/nsswitch.conf.


name_service { ['passwd', 'group', 'shadow', 'netgroup']:
  lookup => ['files', 'ldap']
name_service { 'hosts':
  lookup => [ 'files', 'mdns4_minimal', '[NOTFOUND=return]', 'dns', ],
name_service { ['protocols', 'services', 'rpc', 'networks', 'ethers']:
  lookup => 'files'


  • ensure The basic property that the resource should be in. Valid values are present, absent.

  • lookup The list of service specifications and reactions to be used for lookup.

  • name The name of the system database ('passwd', 'group', etc.)

  • target The name of the file which stores the name service configuration.


  • nsswitch Sun-style nsswitch.conf, as used in Solaris and Linux.