Platform Notes: Cisco

Cisco Notes

Logging to vty Session

To enable logging on a vty session, enable monitor logging with:

# conf t
(config)# logging monitor
(config)# ^Z

Next, configure it to copy debug output to the current terminal:

# terminal monitor

To turn it off:

# terminal no monitor

Cisco 675/678 Notes

Little DSL routers; I’ve got one–they used to be all over the place. These notes are for the serial console.

Enter ROM Montor

CTRL-X 3 times at boot

Reboot From ROM Monitor

=> rb

Erase Configuration

=> es 6

Recover from Faulty Firmware Upgrade

Do not use minicom/lrzsz – It will fail and cause you to have to do this! (Current as of 1999.)

=> df 10008000
Make note of file size
=> es 0
=> es 1
=> es 2
=> es 3
=> es 4
=> pb 10008000 fe00000 <file size>
=> rb